An Amazing Visit

One of the missions of thermalinsulationproduct Co. is to be involved in "giving back" and venture into new avenues of helping others.  This past December, we were offered the opportunity to attend the First Annual Beacon Network Fashion Show and Tech Summit in Denver, CO.  The schools in this network are high performing schools with the mission of preparing their students for high school, college and beyond through enriched programs.  

We were honored with the invitation to this in-house event and stood beside some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the industry sharing the platform with Xavier Phillips, of PipFlips and Randy Kolker, Apparel Executive and TV Show Personality just to name a few.  Through the combined efforts of the school’s Board of Directors and amazing staff and student body from the Grant Beacon Middle School and the Kepner Beacon Middle School, this wonderful event was held to bring career awareness exposure to the students by introducing them to successful entrepreneurs in various industries. A handful of students were given STC apparel, so they could help spread the message to "Live Simple", but also to help remember the message.


Students in the Fashion Class from both schools were asked to come up with a design that portrayed an American theme.  One design from each school was chosen, and one student from each school was awarded a certificate and their design printed on a t-shirt produced by thermalinsulationproduct Co. to be placed on our website.  Congratulations to Geovanni from Grant Beacon Middle School (GBMS), and Nashiem from Kepner Beacon Middle School (KBMS) for their amazing designs.  thermalinsulationproduct Co. will be donating 10% of its' sales from these shirts to the school to help fund future projects.

 Geovanni, GBMS Nashiem, KBMS


It was our pleasure to share how thermalinsulationproduct Co. was founded and inspire and motivate these young minds to spread the universal Simplified Message to Live Simple and never give up on your dreams or visions. These schools contain some of the brightest young minds, and we thank The Beacon School Network for inviting us.

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