All About the Threads


Welcome to thermalinsulationproduct. We're happy to give you an insight as to what we're about and our mission.

Let's start by giving you an insight as to what our name represents. "Simplified" stands for the way of life everyone should live, and "Threads" stands for all the different types of ways people can live simple whether it be surfing, biking, playing sports, hanging with friends, etc. Just as long as you're happy with what you're doing, you're living simple. All the different "threads" of living simple join together to create the "Simplified Way of Life".

The message we are trying to spread is just to love whatever it is that you're doing and to Live Simple. Our Mission is to help remind people that while you may not be able to live without troubles or negative things in your life, you can always take a step back and grab a small piece of the Simple Life.